Well hello there!

Wow! It has been FAR to long since I’ve posted in this thing. Seriously. Way. To. Long. I mean, since my last post I’ve been home for spring break, been home in June. Got married in July. Went to Cozumel for my honeymoon and started my 2nd year of teaching. That’s a lot of stuff folks! 🙂 But I’m back now. And hoping to be more diligent on posting. Anyways. Let’s start with the wedding and move forward from there 🙂
Our wedding.. man oh man. They really aren’t kidding when people tell you it’s the greatest day of your life. The whole day seems like a blur, so much happened in such a short day. I remember waking up and thinking, IT’S TODAY! Wait… wow… today. Today is finally the day I get to marry my best friend. Horray/whoa. Crazy. I went downstairs and my dad was waiting for me with some fatherly sweet advice. (I can’t remember what all he said, but I remember it was sweet) Then it was time to quick eat and go get my hair done. That’s when the whirlwind started. Hairspray, pictures, laughter, coffee, more pictures, dress, first look and some more pictures. *deeeeeeeep breath* hug my daddy, sneak away for a min to pray then.. the bridal march. And down the isle my daddy walked me. The longest and shortest, best walk we’ve ever been on. And at the end, well,  there stood my groom. My best friend. The one made for me. Then some music, a message I don’t remember much of, then vows, rings, sand, communion, a prayer and then.. Just. Like. That. It was done. We were married. Years of waiting, hours of prayer. A year of planning. And shazam. In 45 minutes we were married. *blink* wait.. what? Me. Married? Yep. Me. Married. To a wonderful man who loves me, treats me like a queen and makes me laugh. Whoa. Then there was a receiving line. Seeing old and new friends. Shaking hands and hugging. Quickly grabbing some delicious treats that my wonderful aunts made, and then taking a spin in an old car. Coming back, playing lawn games, taking photo booth pictures and then inside for the reception. Clinking of glasses, watching a beautiful video my mom made, more clinking of glasses and shaking of maracas, quick kiss. Yummy food, dancing, laughing, more dancing, quick signing of the marriage license, and then.. off we go. Bubbles blown, kisses and well wishes followed us as we drove away. Wow. What a day.  The day was such a blur. But I will never forget all the hours and hours my mom, sisters, aunts, and cousins spent making decorations for our big day. I won’t forget the endless conversations we had over the phone and skype so that we could have the day I’d always imagined. I’ll never forget all the teeny little details that went into making the day so sweet. Holding my great grandma’s handkerchief. Or the little puff balls that were so painstakingly tied onto the napkins, only to be taken off in 15 seconds. Or the little tags that went on the burlap bags that were made for our guests to put candy in and take home. Or the last minute painting of a J & A with our wedding date painted on it and hung on the bridal table. Hundreds of details, all for 1 special day. Words can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Words can’t even describe my feelings of love towards my family who helped without expecting anything in return. It was a day more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. And I am just.. So, so, grateful. And so happy to finally be married to my best friend. 
Then.. There was the honeymoon. Our beautiful. Wonderful. Honeymoon. We decided to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel. Best idea ever. Guys, seriously.. all inclusive is the way to go! The resort was beautiful, the food was delicious and the snorkeling was incredible. If you are into diving, we were told that Cozumel has the 2nd best diving (after Australia). Apparently the reef goes all the way to Brazil (I think that’s what they said anyway). But even if you are a bit of a chicken like me… the snorkeling is beautiful. CLEAR blue/green water and beautiful fish. We even saw a barracuda and a nursing shark. (I may or may not have swam like a crazy person when I saw the shark… I might have pictured something out of the movie Jaws..) 

A couple weeks after our honeymoon school started for me. Josh was back in classes and we got a puppy 🙂 His name is Tuck and he’s a jack russell terrier. Super cute. Super smart.  But Very much a puppy! Good thing he’s cute. 

School is great. My kids are adorable, and dare I say WAY better behaved than my class last year. I had no idea how crazy my kids were last year until I got this bunch of kids. Their bad day was a normal day in our classroom last year. I’m getting spoiled. 🙂 Everyday has some sort of story or quote to try to remember. Everything from “Mrs! I woke up looking like Joshua! I had Korean eyes” LOL! Or like today.. “What the F**k” Yep.. the F bomb was dropped. By an 8 year old. When asked if he knew he told me it meant the same thing has holding up a middle finger. Ya… he knew what he was saying. Sheeish. Kids! Luckily, the cute stories are in abundance and the bad days aren’t too often. 

Josh and I are enjoying married life. It’s funny living together. I mean, we dated for 5 1/2 years before we were married. You would think we’d know almost everything about each other (I’m sure you married (longer than 2 months) folks are laughing at me right about now). But nope. I am surprised pretty often by things that he does, and I’m sure he says the same about me. I mean, people are right when they say… “Oh you’ll fight over the silly stuff… like how he/she puts the TP on the roll.. or how he/she squeezes toothpaste..” No joke folks. No joke. Although I suppose it’s just normal roommate kinda stuff. I remember kinda squabbling over stuff like that in college. And even being annoyed with little stuff like dishes with the ladies I lived with before Josh and I were married. Either way though. It’s still fun. I love being married. I love seeing Josh pretty much when I want (depending on his school schedule) I love being able to eat with him most nights. I love not having to go anywhere at the end of the night when I’m ready for bed and seeing him when I wake up each morning. Yep. Married life is awesome 🙂 

Last weekend we took a trip to a super cute town called Guanajuato. It’s an old town with a TON of history. Old mines, cute cafes, museums, and lots of brightly colored houses splattered along the mountain side. It’s way adorable. And I loved it. If you ever get a chance to come down here, you’ve gotta check it out. You’ll love it. I promise 🙂 


Welp, I suppose that’s all. Now you are all caught up 🙂 Adios friends! I promise to do better this year 🙂 


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