Back in the swing of things

Hey guys! Well, I’m back from break and back into the full swing of my crazy, awesome job. Christmas was amazing as most of you know. We (my family) adopted 4 wonderful kids. They are a sibling set and they are fabulous. So cute. So fun. And I’m so glad God brought them into our family. I am a little afraid I won’t get to know them as well as the rest of my siblings. But then I remember thinking that about Cameron and bada-bing. Although we don’t have the bond that the rest of us have, I love that kid. So with time, I’m sure these other siblings and I will eventually have a good relationship as well. Even if I am more like an Aunt than a sister to them 🙂

Anyway, now I’m back full swing into the 2nd half of the school year. I  can’t believe I am already 1/2 way through my first year of teaching. Guys. Time seriously flies when you are having fun!!! My kids are incredible, and they make me laugh all the time. And I think I have a couple class romances going on.. 🙂 1 little girl wrote a letter to God thanking him for 2 boys in the 2nd grade because “They are so beautiful and kind” HA! And the 2nd one is a little boy and girl who always end up being paired together (I promise I don’t do it on purpose), today I caught her reach out and hold his hand, he looks at me, shruggs and says “What?” It was so funny. The shrug and the look on his face was like he was saying “yep, she’s cute. And I’m holding her hand” heheh. I’m secretly hoping to find a “do you love me, do you want to be girlfriend/boyfriend? Check yes or no” note sometime in the near future. 🙂
Anyway,   I’m so excited for next week, it’s the 100th day of school and it’s going to be awesome!! We are also having a Friday February First Frog Fest to wrap up our frog unit. The kids can hardly wait. We are opening our classroom to anyone who wants to come and the kids are going to present their frog that they researched to whoever will listen. We are also having frog snacks (made out of oreo’s, pretzels, m&ms and frosting). Seriously. They can’t wait. We are also starting to learn about things that these guys don’t know anything about in math. Which is both frustrating and super fun. Today I introduced geoboards. It was chaos. But so much fun. They love them! I’m convinced, 2nd grade is the best grade to teach. They are still uber excited about learning. They think that I’m the best thing (other than their mom). And they do anything I say. (mostly) I may, or may not make them do silly things just so I can laugh 🙂  (does that make me a bad person??) But seriously. They are great. They are still so young, and so impressionable. And we have so much fun. I also have some pretty awesome pictures of Josh and I. The latest one is the one of  Josh and I as aliens… yep. I don’t ask. I just laugh and say “I love it!” I’m seriously considering making a book of all these pictures. They are pretty great.

Since being back from Christmas break I’m starting to feel more at home here in Mexico. I can navigate the bus, I can (almost) sing an entire song in Spanish (with the words on the screen) and I know how to order chilaquiles at a restaurant.  Although the language is still so dang tricky, I know I’ll eventually pick it up. I’m starting Rosetta Stone this weekend,  and I’m really hoping that between that and some tutoring my little 1st grade cousin won’t outdo me in Spanish over spring break 🙂 But seriously. I’m really, truly starting to enjoy the culture and the language and I REALLY enjoy the food. I’m so grateful for my wonderful friends that I’ve made here, the incredible people that I work with, my students and my ever so patient, wonderful fiance. I have an amazing support system down here. Once again Jehova Jireh. God my provider. Now. And always. Thank you all so much for all your prayers. On the tricky days, the days where I melt into a puddle of tears because my brain simply refuses to register any Spanish, or I can’t find something that is just so easy to find in the States, or whatever the frustration might be, I can feel your prayers. Thank you for being my wonderful, praying support system. You guys all rock! And you are all invited to a pretty awesome event coming up July 6th in Pella, IA 🙂


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