I’ll be home for Christmas….

Guys, seriously. I am the WORST at keeping up with this blog during this adventure. I was so good in Holland, not so much in Mexico.. maybe I’m becoming a Mexican…. eek. Anyways. It’s been almost a month since I wrote last. Here’s whats been happenin’ in my part of this awesome world.

I am happy to say I had not one, but TWO Thanksgiving celebrations. The 2nd was much better than the first I must say. But I think that had more to do with the fact that I actually had enough hot food to fill my belly :o) But both really were great. It was a bit weird having to work that day because in my head it was Thanksgiving. Not a work day. But I had fun with my kids anyway. The day before the other 2nd grade teacher and I got our kids together and we went to our house and had a mini- thanksgiving. Complete with “Turkey Day” crafts, games, a thankful circle and worship. It was awesome. Then on actual thanksgiving I read a Thanksgiving story to my kid-o’s, we went up and down the rows before lunch and each student said something they were thankful for then we went to lunch and I brought pumpkin pie for all our students. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin pie for dessert.. Then that night I had my first Thanksgiving. It  was here at the Casa Grande. Each year this house hosts a Thanksgiving celebration for anyone from Lincoln School who wants to come. It’s kind of fun celebrating an American holiday with our Mexican friends. We had a little less than 100 people I think. It was fun. Us Casa Grande girls had the opportunity to serve our coworkers and their families, and open our home for the evening. I got to talk to some people that I wouldn’t normally interact with so that was really nice.

The 2nd Thanksgiving was the day after. It was much better. Josh and I had some friends over to his house and we deep-fried an actual turkey. IT WAS AMAZING. I’m convinced that deep-fried turkey is the way to go. So stinkin’ good. We also had green bean casserole, stuffing, pie, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, and so much more. It was so good. And it was so good to have a smaller group of Americans to celebrate with. The big one was fun, but I honestly enjoyed the smaller one better. After we ate we went out on Josh’s mountain boards. (basically they are like giant skateboards that people use to go down the mountains when there is no snow on the ground) it was super fun. We used them like sleds, and like skateboards. It might be my new favorite thing to do :o)

Other than that. Not much is new. I’m anxiously waiting for Christmas break to get here. The kid-o’s are bouncing off the walls, which means they are driving me UP the walls. But I did discover the best classroom management tool E-V-E-R. Elf. On. The. Shelf. Its like magic. They don’t do Santa down here so I wasn’t able to read the story with them and make them believe that if they didn’t behave Santa would know b/c the elf would tell him.. so instead our little Elf, Max, is my super secret spy. And at the end of every day he leaves me a note telling me how the students behaved and how many party points they deserve. MAGIC. I’m telling you. They need one of these puppies for every season!!! :o) Our elf is quite silly. He hangs from the fan, hides in our fireplace by the stockings, changes everyone’s name to Max, dresses up like a mummy and tells jokes. He’s a lot of fun and the kids love him just as much as I do :o) Even with Max though, Christmas break can’t get here fast enough. I’m ready to be home with my family. I’m sure I am going to freeze to death. Especially since yesterday I laid on the roof in shorts and a tank-top… Weird… but I’m excited to drink real hot chocolate. Not this crummy stuff they have down here. Real. Swiss-Miss Hot Chocolate. I’m excited to drink good hot tea, not weak tea bag tea, real yummy tea bag tea (I didn’t even know there was a difference till I moved here..) I’m excited to eat yummy food that my daddy will make. Yummy treats that mom will make. I’m excited to do wedding stuff. I’m excited to finally get to adopt the 4 youngest ones officially into our family. There is just so much awesomeness to look forward to! I hope these next 11 days fly by extra fast! :o)


Looking forward to seeing you all. Hugs!!




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