Aloha! Hawaii was amazing. Hokey Pete. I didn’t know one island could be so beautiful. I mean, come on. The entire week it was as if I was living in a post card (I stole that from Josh’s uncle). But seriously. Maui = my new favorite place on earth. We left Guadalajara on Wednesday afternoon and got to Maui Wednesday night pretty late. (well, late for us since GDL is 4 hrs ahead of Maui). His dad and younger brother picked us up at the airport and took us back to their condo that they were staying in. I really wanted to look around but it was pitch black except for the brilliantly lit starts above our heads. Honestly, those stars were so beautiful and so bright. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen stars like that. Thursday morning I woke up SUPER early, as in 3:30 am because my body is thinking its 7:30 and I’d already slept in from my normal 6 am wake up time. I managed to drift in and out of sleep till about 5. So I got ready and by the time I was ready for the day the sun was just starting to rise so I crept out of the condo and to my pure delight I was about 1 minute walking from the sand. No lie. I was almost giddy. I ran inside grabbed my ipod and just walked along the beach listening to some worship music. Great way to start the weekend I thought. I also found a pair of sunglasses that had washed up (or down) onto the beach, another good omen for the weekend. :o) After everyone had woken up we headed to a volcano about an hour away. It was so stinkin’ cold up there, but it was so pretty too. It was pretty cloudy so we didn’t get to see much, but right before we started heading down God blessed us with an opening in the clouds so we could see just how awesome the view was. I mean, it was cool. I’ve never been on a volcano before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was pretty sweet. Lots of rock, and valleys. We walked along a natural bridge and saw some more of Gods handy work. It was really really neat. 

The view from the top:



Cool right??





After we came down from the awesome views we hit the beach. ahh.. paradise. We just hung out and snorkeled a little. I was pretty nervous since I haven’t been very much, ok 2 or 3 times before this trip. And the idea of having my face in the water with just a tube to rely on doesn’t make me feel thaaaat safe.. especially when there are all these pokey sea urchins all over the coral and supposedly there were some eels and stuff. Doesn’t make me feel safe. I was so afraid of scraping against the coral and getting pokey things in my skin and being hurt the rest of the trip so the first snorkel adventure didn’t last long for me. I headed back up to the beach and read a book. It was fabulous. 

Friday Nate and Jennie decided to have a beach day for all the friends and family that had arrived so far. So we met up with everyone at their favorite beach and just relaxed in the sun, some scuba dived, some played sports, some snorkeled and some of us just ready gossip magazines and talked on the beach. I loved it. I did go back in the water again Friday to try to overcome my silly fear of death-by-coral. And I was rewarded big time. Right before I got out we saw a HUGE sea turtle in the reef. He was in between 2 big chunks floating on the bottom. It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. No lie. I mean, I’ve seen them before in the ocean floating on top of the water, but to see it under the water by all kinds of beautiful purple, yellow, spotted, funny looking different fish it was simply amazing. And I was totally blown away by the thought that God designed each and every one of these creatures and there are millions of others similar to the ones that I saw in the ocean, yet he loves ME more than all of those creatures. I don’t know. It was just a cool thought. It was a lot of fun just relaxing and talking to his aunts and cousins while the boys did manly things (like tackle each other in the sand…)







Saturday Barb (Josh’s mom) taught me how to make a delicious, traditional Mexican drink called Horchata. It tastes a lot like rice milk. It is SO good! I could honestly drink that stuff a few times a week. It’s quite a process to make it, but it was fun being in the kitchen with her learning how to make something yummy and just getting to talk to her one on one. After a few hours in the kitchen she told me to get out and go enjoy the beach with Josh. She didn’t have to do much to convince me that I should do that instead of stay inside and run the blender :o) So I headed down the the sand where Josh and his cousins and uncles were. We decided to hop into one of the kayaks that they had down there and try our hand at ocean kayaking. Now, here’s a little fact… I’ve never been kayaking. I mean, I’ve ridden in one, but I’ve never had to help with the paddling.. I love to canoe, but never have I kayaked. So I hop in with Josh and away we go, along with me telling him that he better not flip us on purpose b/c the ocean is pretty deep and it just freaks me out. I don’t know why. Its not like there are sharks right there.. but still.. *shudder* I just wasn’t sure. So we paddle along and before long we see a sea turtle just bobbing in the water, and then I see a school of beautiful fish below us and suddenly I almost wanted to get out and snorkel. It was so cool. CLEAR blue water. We could see straight down. It was breathtaking. Seriously so so beautiful. I know I’ve said that about everything in this post, but seriously. How do you NOT believe there is a God when you see beautiful things like that?! That night was the rehearsal dinner we had some great food and just a relaxing evening. 


Sunday was the big day. Well, for Nate and Jennie. I still enjoyed the beach while they got ready :o) I went to Hawaii with the hope that I would get to try paddle boarding. And sure enough at the condo they had a paddle board that we could use. So 2 of Josh’s cousins and I tried our hand at paddle boarding. Of course they sent me first and I was nervous! I’d never done it before it didn’t look thaaaaaaaaaat hard, but still. So his cousin gives me a push out over the 1st set of waves and off I went. It was SO FUN! Oh my word. My legs were soooo shaky but it was so much fun. I didn’t go out very far, but it was still so much fun. My legs are still sore from it, but it was so worth it, even if I did pull a muscle :o) 


weeeeeee!!!! I’m doing it!!!!


I did it!!! 



That afternoon was the wedding. It was breath taking. It looked like something off a movie. We were on a little grassy area right above the water. There was a little cove with some palm tree’s off to the right and to the left it was just a bunch of trees. They got married at 4:00 so the sun was getting ready to set. Josh’s dad, Tim, performed the ceremony. His uncle gave a short message before and then Tim married them. It was so beautiful. The setting, the look of love in their eyes and everything else. It was so great. I’m so glad that I was able to go. I want to go back right now. I told Josh that I think he should try for a residency in Hawaii… :o) 


Well guys, I really need to get to bed. I was there juuust long enough to get adjusted to the time difference so I’m not tired yet, but I know I will be if I don’t go to bed now. I can’t wait to see some of you at Christmas. I also can’t wait to go “America crazy” again as Josh called it once I get to the airport. He thought it was so funny that I wanted to get some Reeces Peanut Butter cups and a starbucks as soon as I got there. I said that the P.B. cups are about $10 for a small bag and they don’t have Peppermint Mocha’s or Pumpkin Spice Latte’s in Mexico so ha. He just laughed. He also thought it was so funny that I looked at a drinking fountain for a min before I remembered what exactly it was and then took a nice loooooong drink out of it. Hey, it’s the little things in life right? Man. I can’t wait to get back and get some yummy tea, good chocolate (Dove Dark or Reece’s P.B.) drink out of the tap, take a HOT shower and just spend some quality time with my family. EEK! December 20, please come QUICK!!! :o)


Love you all!!! xoxoxoxoox






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  1. Angie! I have the same fear! I went snorkeling for the second time when Derik and I went to Maui, and the coral is so close sometimes to you…it’s hard not to think that you wont hit it and slice something open! Haha! Im so glad you got to see a sea turtle…Derik did, but I never did. 😦 Well, have fun while you are there (are you still there?!) and I’ll look forward to your next post!

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