So, it’s October.. or it will be in just a little bit since it’s crazy late.. But it’s going to be October tomorrow. I can’t believe it. It’s still about 80 here. NOT fall-like at all. And a little  part of me.. ok.. a BIG part of me is really missing fall. I never thought that I would literally miss a season. I mean, I use to think that was so crazy that someone would miss a season.. but I really do. I am SO glad that it’s warm and I’m not cold and that things are still vibrant colors.. but I just really, really, really miss the reds, oranges, and browns of the leaves and the sound of crunching beneath my feet. And the smell of fall in the air, the slight crisp in the air. I also miss all the apple goodies that come with fall and the pumpkin too :o) *sigh* apparently it does get “chilly” but I’m not super convinced just yet.. I’m sure I will be wishing for warm weather in a few months when it really is chilly and there is no heat in the house.. but for right now I just really wish that since it’s October that it would be a little cooler.

Oh well. The GOOD thing is, the beach is close by.. and being at the beach is almost as great as having leaves crunching under your feet :o) Also. I got my plane ticket today. Whoop!!!! I’ll be coming home December 20th and leaving Jan 4th. I can’t wait!!!!  Well guys. I’m off to bed to shake off this bit of homesickness/get some rest before another week begins.

Hugs to you all!!



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