Hello there!

Goodness, it’s been a whole month since I’ve written on here. Time goes so quickly. Especially when you are SO busy. Goodness gracious. I feel like all I do is go to school, teach, work after school on stuff for the next day, come home, eat and go to sleep and do the whole thing over again. And somehow that takes up a whole 24 hrs. And I am utterly E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D every single night. But I love love love my class. I have a couple of tricksters in my class, but they keep the class lively and me on my toes.

2 weeks ago I had a student draw on the wall. And then another student said, “Meiss (b/c they can’t say miss. it makes me laugh) someone wrote my name on the wall!!!” So I look back there and sure enough. In black marker little Javi’s name is written on the wall. So I go collect the 3 students who sat back there during the course of the day and they all swear it wasn’t them (of course). I believe the 1 kid. He’s super sweet and wouldn’t do a thing wrong ever. Except maybe talk to much… So I question, well, interrogate is more accurate, the other 2. 1 is new. 1 is the one who told me his name was on the wall. The new girl wouldn’t even look at me and she got in trouble for playing with her markers during center time for math.. I’m pretty sure it was her. Why on earth would the kid who drew his name rat himself out? But I can’t prove it. The handwriting test didn’t even work. So I called Edgar in.. Now.. Edgar is like.. The ULTIMATE punishment. He is the school disciplinarian. (The class next door say’s his office is Davy Jones Locker Lol!!) So Edgar comes in and lectures them. Gives them the chance to confess. Nothing. So he say’s he’ll do the handwriting test later. So for 2 weeks now the kids have asked every day if Edgar found out who did it and every time they bring it up this girl goes white in the face and starts biting her lip. GUILTY! But I can’t prove it. So on Tuesday Edgar and I had a little chat and decided that as a class they would miss an entire recess and they would have to write an apology letter to the school for writing on the wall. As well as the Golden Rule 5 times. So I gave a nice little speech about how God know’s when we lie, and he know’s who wrote on the wall but since I don’t the entire class will be punished for 1 person’s bad behavior. Boy oh boy, those kids were looking around trying to figure out who did it. And that poor girl looked sick. It was so funny!! Well, not funny.. but sort of. Then the janitor came in and I made the class apologize to him too since he has to repaint the wall now.. but not for a few more weeks… I’m going to let it sit for awhile….

That’s really been the only BAD thing that’s happened so far… I’ve had my funny moments. Here are my favorites:

“Meiss, I have an.. ummm… insect in my stomach!” (meaning a parasite or something from some bad food, but since I don’t allow Spanish in the classroom since it’s a school rule he used insect instead of parasite)

“Meiss, how much did your pencil sharpener cost?” Umm, about 15 dollars. “GUYS! That’s about a 5 million peso’s! We shouldn’t touch it!!!”

“Miss, I don’t feel very good today.” Awww…I’m sorry me either. (fast forward to after lunch) “Miss. I still don’t feel well. I thought for sure the chocolate cookies would make me feel better” (If only right?!)

“Meiss, how many years do you have?” ( That one makes me laugh every time!! They all say it that way, b/c literally translated from Spanish to English that’s how it is said, instead of how old are you)

There are many others. But those are my favorites so far. They are pretty sweet kids. And I am amazed at the support I get from the parents. They truly care about their child, and they back me up 100%. It’s great. There is 1 student in particular who’s parents email me once a week to ask how they can support their son and I in the classroom. Its the sweetest. I love them.

Other than school, things are going well. I really am loving Mexico. It’s a beautiful city with delicious food.. i’m a little nervous about trying on my wedding dress over Christmas break now.. Those dang taco’s, churro’s and everything else are just so good and CHEAP! I started my tutoring for Spanish a couple weeks ago and that is going well. I was really surprised and excited when I took a take-home test today and I could read and write almost the entire page. Granted it was easy stuff, but still. I was thrilled! Baby steps right? And I’m starting to understand what people are saying to me now.. I haven’t a clue as to how to respond, but at least I have a general idea of what they are saying. :o) And the whole being close to Josh is really nice too :o) We get to see each other pretty often even if it’s only him studying and me doing school stuff. Its still nice to be able to hang out again.

Well guys, I’m headed to bed. I”m battling this stinkin’ cold and I think sleep is the best way to kick it. All the Mexican’s have asked why I haven’t been to the doctor yet since I’ve been sick since Sunday. Finally I told them if I wasn’t better by Monday I would go. These people go to the doctor for everything! But it’s super cheap so I guess I understand why. Alright. Bedtime.

By the way. Please, please, please pray for Josh and his uncle and his family. His aunt (Karen) is really sick. She’s been fighting cancer for a few years now and 2 weeks ago took a turn for the worse and has been in the ICU for 2 weeks now because her lungs were filling and some other stuff was going on. I guess today the doctors told the family that it would be anytime now that she would pass away. Her and her husband (Kenton) have 4 kids all about my age. I can’t even imagine… So please keep them in your prayers, and Josh too because he’s grown pretty close with his aunt over the last couple of years while he’s been here in Guadalajara…  Thanks friends!! xxx


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