1st day? Check!

Well… I survived my very first day of teaching. No bumps, bruises, tears or behavior problems. Only a minor oops with my spanish.. and that was a funny oops.. The computer guy came to my classroom to fix my computer and I meant to say “Muchas Gracias” instead I said “Mucho gusto!, er. I mean, thanks.. I mean.. gracias!!!” he just shook his head and left. Lol.. silly gringa! I’m sure that won’t be the last time that happens :o)

But seriously. Today was A-mazing. I was so incredibly nervous last night when I went to bed. It took me forever to fall asleep because I just kept imagining closing my classroom door for the 1st time and not knowing what to say/do. And then I pictured the kids going crazy and me having Miss. Frizzle hair (Magic school bus lady..) and running out of the classroom saying I can’t do this!!!!

Ok.. maybe that’s a taaaaaaaaaaad exaggerated.. but seriously. I was super nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. And I didn’t feel fully prepared. So I put a prayer petition on facebook and within minutes I had friends and family assuring me that they would pray for me and letting me know via emails that things were going to be ok. So this morning when my alarm went off at 6am (I haven’t had to be up that early in ages.. unless it was to fly somewhere! Who knew it was still pitch black outside at that hour??) I was nervous. I felt pretty rested, but I was nervous. So I jumped into my luke-warm shower (not so nice when you are already nervous) and just prayed my way through my getting ready this morning. Prayed on the way to school, and at 7:00 there was a prayer meeting at school. So I went to that, and just prayed a prayer of peace. Specifically for the new teachers. Because we were all feeling pretty nervous this morning. When I went to my class at 7:15 there was a sweet little boy waiting at my door for me. Wanting to come put his stuff down and just watch me get ready. Wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but he was a good distraction. When the rest of the kids came flooding in around 7:35 I greeted them all with a confidant smile, had them sort their supplies out into boxes for me and off we went to start the day. It wasn’t until about 10:00 that I realized I wasn’t nervous at all this morning when I first started. And by 2:30 when I was walking home I was totally speechless at God’s grace today. You guys, I never, not once felt any anxiousness after sweet Pablo came into my class. I just sort of did it. I didn’t think about what I was doing.. it just sort of came. I am 100% positive that it was all of your prayers that got me through today. Now I feel like I can walk into my classroom with confidence tomorrow, (I’m sure the kids will too.. hopefully they are still mild tomorrow…) and know that I AM the teacher. I’m no longer the student, but I’m the one teaching the future generation. No pressure right? 😉 I can’t wait. Although I didn’t get nearly all that I had planned today done, and I found out the kids don’t appreciate Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books (crazy right?! I think she’s hilarious!!) I feel like I got the important things done. The kids listened well, I was able to pick out my Spanish translator in the group (mr. talkative himself..) and figure out who is going to be super shy and who’s going to be not so shy and we got our rules and procedures down(ish). Tomorrow will be good. Tomorrow can be more structured. Tomorrow will be full of grace once again, because after all: His grace is sufficient for us. AND I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…

Good night friends. Thanks for the prayers. Please keep praying me through the week.


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