Mexico? Here I go!!

Hi friends!! Or should I say, Hola Amigos? :o)


I decided to keep a blog again this year to record my adventures, share frustrations, talk about the funny things etc. As you know I am not an eloquent writer, I write for the sake of sharing stories and whatever else is on my mind. So please forgive me know for anything posts that make no sense :o)

I have been in Mexico for exactly 1 week now. I can’t believe how quickly the first week has flown by! I’ve been in meetings and in my classroom all week and finally today my room looks ALMOST ready. I didn’t realize how much I forgot until I started setting up my classroom.. however, if you knew how much I brought down you wouldn’t believe that I forgot anything. Haha. My room is teeeeeeeeny-tiny. They literally took 1 classroom and put a wall in the middle of it to make it 2 rooms.  I have 13 kids in my (7 boys, 6 girls) and Chelsea (the other 2nd grade teacher) has 12 (all boys! God bless her!!) in her class.  I really hope that I can pronounce all their names correctly on the 1st day of school.. I’ve been practicing, I guess Monday morning I’ll know right? Anyways, Lincoln school is nothing like the schools you see in the States. 1st of all the hallways are outside, so are the bathrooms and all that. Its not an enclosed building. Which is nice for a breeze when it’s warm, but I think I’ll have other thoughts about it in November/December/January when it gets into the 30’s at night and up to mid 50’s during the day. I think I’ll be wearing lots of layers since the school isn’t heated nor does it have A.C. But it does have fans :o) There are so many things that are different about the school, some things that are better, some things that I have to remind myself that this is Mexico, not America… But all in all, I think I’m really going to like it.

Sunday night we had a new teachers meeting, the packet that we received said ” Welcome to Mexico! (Don’t drink the water..)” It made me laugh… here are a few things we covered. Hopefully they make you giggle a little bit :o)

1) children have loooong names: Carlos Santiago Perez Hernandez… they have their 1st name, their middle name, the dad’s family name and lastly the mom’s family name. So here in Mexico I am: Angela Lynn Mitchell Van Wyk. Crazy huh?

2) Mexican terms of endearment:
~ Gordito/Gordita- literally means fat, but they use it as a cute/sweet name
~ Guerra/Guerrita- Little White blonde girl
~ Gringo- Green-Go but its a funny name to be called apparently..

3) In Mexico I live on an apple, not a block..

4) When they say:
~ Manana- we think it means tomorrow morning.. it really means probably in a week
~ Ahorita- a day or 2
~ Proxima Semana- this means approximately in a week, or never

5) You put your T.P in the trash can here… not in the toilet b/c the sewer system isn’t very good. (weird right?)

6) One of the categories was called “Aerobics for your Intestines” that made me laugh! Not necessarily b/c of the warnings about eating in sketchy places but just that they called it aerobics. Lol.


Things really are different down here. And I just have to keep reminding myself that this IS Mexico, its not America. And yes I will probably be exhausted after a trip to Wal-Mart since I’m having to look twice as hard for something that is similar to what’s in the states. And I won’t be able to find some of the things that I really want, But eventually with trial and error it will come.

Friends, please pray for me. And for these other girls who have moved down here to do this teaching job as well. Pray that we stop thinking like an American all the time, that sounds funny, but its annoying when you just keep thinking “well, in the states it’s like this..” its quite easy to get in a bad mood when we do this, and we ALL do it! Please pray for us as we start teaching on Monday. For a lot of us this will be our first year teaching, so pray for us and the kids. And pray that we can find a good tutor SOON :o) There are at least 2 of us who’s Spanish consists of “Hola, como estats…” but we did learn a few more words thanks to Spanish praise and worship music this week :o) Slowly but surely right?? :o) Anyways. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating this.. hopefully often, read it if you want to keep tabs on me, or just wait for Christmas to get an update :o) Love you all! Thanks for your prayers!!!



P.S. here is the school website if you want to look at it:


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